Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sterilise the Goodys for the future of mankind

I heard Bernard Manning say once that he couldn't be called a racist bigot because he slagged off all races equally. Call me picky, but that's like Hitler claiming that he wasn't really anti-Semitic because he had it in for gays and gypsies as well.

There have been over 200 official complaints about racism on Big Brother centering around the treatment of Shilpa by a number of the other housemates, though led, naturally, by the bullying Goodys - Jade, Jackiey (now departed - not dead unfortunately, just booted off) and some gangly spanner called Jack, who isn't yet part of the family but if recent evidence is anything to go by, should fit right in.

Jackiey's first offering in her post-eviction interview was to state that "Indian was jarring me bigtime". To refer to Shilpa generally as "Indian" (due to an unfathomable inability to say her name, despite it being comprised of no more than two syllables) just smacks of ignorance. I'm not even entirely sure what the word means, but can hazard a guess and am more-or-less convinced she (Shilpa) wasn't guilty of "jarring" anyone.

The Goodys are vile. And stupid. And disgusting. Though the real tragedy is that they are blissfully unaware that they possess these qualities. In America they'd be banjo-plucking trailer-trash retards with piglets sleeping at their deformed feet, but unfortunately over here they're being held captive a house for two months, with their ignorance broadcast 24/7 to awe-struck masses, with fame resulting as a terrible consequence. Recent gems from these troglodytic nobodies include: "What's a dimela [dilemma]?", "What's an emvryo? [embryo]" and the fantastic "What noise do eskimos make? [among a multitude of other awesomely stupid questions from Jade about the native people of the polar regions]".

Equally astonishing is that fact that Jade has the best-selling perfume in the UK, entitled simply, Jade. This astounds me, as the implication is that by using it, you too can smell like Jade. Why would anyone possibly want to smell like Jade Goody? To my knowledge, odious pigs from council estates aren't renowned for their favourable aromatic properties. I can only assume it's ironically named, like 'Opium' or 'Poison'. Maybe they should have called it 'Pikey'.

I still maintain there's a sound argument for sterilising some people at birth.


sdf said...

Racism is a biased term intentionally weighted in favour of the jewish immigrants who invented the concept. People who hate dogs don't hate dogs because they are dogs they hate dogs because they smell, bark all day or shit on the pavement. The term racism puts the blame on the victim. If I went to live in an igloo and offended all the eskimos would that be *their* problem? I don't think so.

CreditLady said...

I guess racists are the most cruel and dangerous people. Although they are not humans, really. It doesn't matter what coloration you have indeed. Perhaps, those who constitute themselves God are underconfident persons with serious traumas.

lastAutumn said...

That's really disgusting when people express racist views. they are no better than terrorists, but convince everybody they are agianst them.